Health & Fitness Instructor

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Followed by more than 1.4 million people she is a definitely an inspiration and a motivation to millions around the world. The owner and the creator of her own successful program Fit and Thick has build an empire on the fitness world. The 28 year old from Florida is worth millions of dollars and she is aspiring to spread the word for a more confident and healthy body.

A Dedicated Nurse

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The winner of IFBB and fitness model Christine Clare has a faith on God and a profession to admire. Despite the many obligations for her 2 parents and her daughter, she is working as a full time nurse. The Puerto Rican Diva has been noticed many times as a volunteer to help the old people and has often donated part of her salary to charities.

Management Student

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You may not know but the 29 years old Cuban model lately has started taking classes business management. According to DIPP she has expressed her interest on running a business and thinks she should be more prepared to run it. Her career took off when she started working with the ADM Celebrity Fitness Model & Talent Agency in 2005. In the past she has tried to become a professional wrestler and was a semi-finalist in the WWE Diva contest, but that has happened back in 2006.

Medical School Student Holds Nothing Back

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Kathy is having a very successful year. The Cuban Diva has closed some of the biggest contracts with one of the main advertising companies  in Miami. Despite she has a medical degree, she has never worked as a doctor. Her fame took of when she first appeared in the national TV  Show in Cuba as a guest on  a discussion about public health improvement. She now has a strong following of 4.8 million and continues to grow.


This Medical School Student Is More Flexible Than You Think!

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Kendra is a medical student who lives in New York and has a very active life. Despite that, modeling and the world of Art has driven her live to another way. She has her own blog and Youtube channel where she shares her own make up and beauty tips. Her dream is to be a doctor and help people and as it seems is in a good way to achieve it. She also loves sport and is a member of CSM, Center For Student Missions.

Tv Promoter

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The 27 years old Texan model has appeared in a comedic viral music video on YouTube with over 60 million views and that was the started point. After she competed in the Miss Texas USA pageant in 2008 and taking first runner up in the Miss San Antonio American Beauty pageant a year later. She has done print, commercial, TV and promotional work and is internationally known for her unique style. Vi is followed by more than 1 million people on Instagram.


Fitness Trainer

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With a huge following of more than 12 million followers on Instagram, she is definitely one of the most influential people on Social media. The 20 years old from Colorado has seen huge success thanks to her physique. She has her own online training programs and her tactics are very unique and effective.

International Promoter 5

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The 24 years old Stepanie Rao is a famous American Model. She is of Puerto Rican & Italian descent. She gain huge fame from her Lifestyle, Lingerie and Hair/Makeup tutorials as well as a designer of fashion line StreetGo. She is also a very talented dancer and has won couple of national competitions. She is followed by more than 896.000 people on Instagram. She is a well known international promoter.